As part of our fundraising efforts for GAPP, one of our GAPParents has also made a quilt for which we will be holding a silent auction. The material for the rainbow patchwork was donated by Nancy Martin, who was a grandmother to three GAPPers and an enthusiastic supporter of the program. She would have been be so happy to know that her collection of fabric was going to such a good cause. There is a picture of the quilt below. The bidding period will begin on August 12th at the GAPP Gallop and will conclude at 7pm on September 28th. People who are interested will submit their name, email address and bid on a sign-up sheet at the GAPP Gallop (where the quilt will also be on display) or by emailing Sarah Hayes at Bidding will start $150 and Sarah will also keep bidders updated as the silent auction proceeds. The highest bidder will win the quilt!

Danke in advance for your support of our German students!

Laura Ernst, Marnix van Steenbergen, and Sarah Hayes